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From antiX Linux fan

Some users prefer to keep this /home folder on a separate partition. Or you can choose to have no separate partition for home and choose to keep it as a directory in the root. You get an option to do this during the installation process. You can do as you prefer. If you choose to keep it as a directory in the root, you should not create the /home partition now. Actually the Linux OS Does NOT need a separate /home partition. /home is only needed in case you don’t want the user files to be stored in the /root partition or if you want a user accessible from different installed (Multiple boot) systems. The reason some people prefer to have a separate partition is, in case they wreck their system and have to go for a re-installation, they will not loose what is on their separate home partition. So the choice is yours. During installation, you can specify the /home to be inside root or as a separate partition.