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About antiX Linux

antiX 17
antiX 19
antiX 19 FAQ updated March 2021, by spartak
antiX 21
antiX 23

AntiX Live System (new)

Boot Parameters (new - under construction)
Table of antiX Boot Parameters

Desktop Session

Rox filer (under File managers)
SpaceFM (under File Managers)
IceWM (under Window Managers)
JWM (under Window managers)
fluxbox (under Window managers)
Herbstluftwm (tiling Window manager)

Installing Applications

How to install
Repo management (new)
Short essentials for a linux newbie
Tips -n- Tutorials for individual software applications

Network configuration (test for correct connection, different tools: ceni, wicd, connman)

ConnMan (refering to connmanctl, cmst and connman-ui, under Network configuration)

Needed articles:

(wicd) (under Network configuration)


existing documentation elsewhere (not all are up-to-date):