spaceFM is a tabbed, multi-pane, file manager (included in antiX Base and Full editions) which has a more modern look and feel than antiX's default file manager, rox-filer.

   spaceFM project homepage:
   spaceFM User Manual:
   spaceFM optional plugins:

How to access SpaceFM

Desktop Menu > Applications > System > SpaceFM

How to make SpaceFM your default File Manager:

Menu > Control Centre > Default Applications (it’s the “yellow star” icon) > Click the input field to the right of “File Manager” and select “spacefm.desktop” from the list, Click “Open” on that selection window, then “Ok” on the main window. From now on, when you click the File Manager icon on the toolbar or the menu, or plug in and external drive, it will always launch SpaceFM.

Do you miss having Bookmarks, like “Documents”, “Downloads”, etc?

Open SpaceFM > Go to you “Downloads” folder > SpaceFM “Bookmarks” Menu > Confirm that “Show bookmarks” is checked > Click “add bookmark”.

A bookmark to your Downloads folder instantly appears on the left side bar.

You can create bookmarks to any folder you want to, repeating this process. To create a bookmark to your “Home” folder, where your files are stored, navigate to “/home/”, click the folder with your username and then “add bookmark”, etc.

Do you want to see previews of your files ( picture and video files)?

Open SpaceFM > SpaceFM “View” Menu > Preferences > Check “Show thumbnails” > Click “Ok”

Do you want to use SpaceFM to search for a specific file (by file name)?

Menu > Applications> Accessories > SpaceFM File Search

Click the "Add" button to select where to search. If you want to search for files in your home folder:

From the list that comes up select "/home/[your_user_name]"

On the field "name" enter part of the file name you want to search and click "find" on the lower right side.

Can SpaceFM access file in usb thumb-drives or external drives?

Any external drive should automatically come up on your screen, on your default file manager. If it does not, and you are using SpaceFM file manager, open it and check if your drive is listed on the “Devices” list, on the upper left corner of the screen. If it is, left click it to access it.

Can I access files stored on the cloud using SpaceFM?

Yes, as long as that cloud service is "mounted" as a file system:

- A forum user created a script that allows antiX users to access cloud service drives ( like Google Drive, Ms OneDrive, etc) using rclone. Get the latest version of the script here:

Save the antiX version of the script to your computer. Using SpaceFM: select the file and press CTRL + P. In the permission window, check the “Executable” field, then click the “ok” button.

You can now execute the script. First, configure your cloud account (Google Drive can be automatically configured) then just click the name of the account and it’s contents open in SpaceFM.