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Latest release: antiX 23 Arditi del Popolo

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Welcome, antiX Linux fan!

Welcome to antiX Linux (unofficial) wiki, for fans of the antiX Linux OS.

This site's aim is to become a window for all antiX Linux users, where they can find and share tutorials and guides related to the Operating System.

About antiX Linux

antiX Linux is a systemd-free Linux live CD distribution based on Debian. It was initially released in 2007, and was a lightweight distro based on MEPIS. Today, it is one of the few out there that tries to keep a small footprint on your computer, so that machines as old as Pentium 4 can continue giving. Optionally, antiX can be used as a live system, without the need to install it to a Hard Drive. The introductory article "The most extensive live USB on the planet" outlines the various live, persistence, and frugal options available to antiX users.

NOTE: To avoid confusion when explaining the Live USB maker tool, a suggestion by Robin in the antiX Forum is instead of “For distros other than antiX/MX use image mode dd”, reword the phrase to read: "For ISOs of distros other than antiX/MX use image mode dd”.



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