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Connman is a Graphics User Interface (GUI) program that allows to configure antiX's network connections

What it is

Connman is the default network connection configuration tool in the latest base and full versions of antiX.

It is a GUI application, which allows users to configure /etc/network/interfaces through a graphical interface. It supports wired and wireless connections.

antiX should automatically connect you to the Internet if you are using a wired (ethernet) connection. For wireless, the latest base and full antiX versions should automatically display Connman's main window, to allow you to configure your network connection.

How to use it

Using Connman is easy and intuitive. It's main window features five horizontal tabs on the upper side of it's screen:

* Status- this is the default initial tab- it displays info about your network devices and connections, showing, first the "Technologies" part- this refers to Wired or Wireless devices, and show if they are On or Off, and, of powered, if it's connected or disconnected.
* Details - shows info about the selected Service (Wired or Wireless)-  like IP address, etc.
* Wireless - if you want to connect to a Wireless network (Wi-fi), this is where you set it up. select the name of the network from the list of detected networks and click the "Connect" button on the upper part of the screen. The first time you do this, the "Passphrase" window will pop up, asking you to enter the network's password. 
Tip: You can mark a wireless network a "Favorite"- this way antiX will always try to connect to it, once it's detected.
* Preferences - the name says it all- you can change some Connman preferences - don't mess with the Preferences unless you know what you are doing or know how to set it all back to the the default settings.
* Help - once again, the name is pretty self explanatory - her you find help and info about Connmann


-If you don't see any wireless network, you probably have to power your Wi-fi card from the main "status" tab.
-If you don't even see a "wireless" line on the "Technologies" part of the screen it's because your Wi-fi card was not properly detected by antiX. _Unless you already have the card's driver's file that you can install in antiX, the best course of action would be to try to use a wired connection to the internet to find and download the required driver, install it, possibly restart your computer and then check if the Wi-fi is detected.
-If you can't power on your wi-fi card from Connman, please check if your Wi-fi network isn't hard blocked (some laptops have a physical button that turns the Wi-fi card on/off- this cuts power to that card, once off, there's probably no way for it to be activated via software, so you have to press the Wi-fi button yourself).