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Ceni - Curses /etc/network/interfaces[edit | edit source]

A Curses user interface for configuring network interfaces with ifupdown.[1]

What it is[edit | edit source]

Ceni is the default network connection configuration tool in all ISO version of antiX 17, as well as in antiX 19 net and core. It is installed but not the default in antiX 19 base & full. [2]

It is a CLI application, which allows users to configure /etc/network/interfaces through a command-line interface. It supports wired and wireless connections.[3]

antiX should automatically connect you to the Internet if you are using a wired (ethernet) connection. For wireless, you will have to configure your network connection.[4]

How to use it[edit | edit source]

Using ceni is very easy. Ceni can be started in two ways. Type "sudo ceni" at a command prompt, or if you are using antiX 17 base or full edition, from the Control Centre on the main menu: choose Network, then ceni.

Once ceni has started, use the tab key (or mouse) to move around in the interface. It detects your computer's networking hardware.

For configuring wifi, select wlan0 & follow the prompts. Once the interface has been configured, exit the program.

Enabled on system startup[edit | edit source]

antiX remembers your settings and will autoconnect with this wifi configuration each time you boot your computer (if not connected via ethernet). In the case of a live-USB, antiX will remember your different machines, so you will only need to configure each computer once.

References[edit | edit source]